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The first chapter highlights the importance of acknowledging religious realities and builds up to the second and strongest chapter, which emphasizes the central role psychology plays in religious violence. The chapter on apocalypticism looks at exaggerated but repressed religious sentiments and leads to a chapter on the grey area between religion and politics. The last chapter…delves into sexual violence and gives a nod to the gendered component of violence in religion. Selengut provides a holistic, up-to-date examination of religion and violence, a deadly combination.

Summing Up: Recommended.

Lower- and upper-division undergraduates; general readers. It fruitfully highlights the multi-dimensional nature of the relationship between religion and violence, and compels the reader to consider the reality that a single action the decision to engage in an act of violence for a religious reason—should be considered through a variety of lenses. The most recent edition also deserves credit for correcting a problematic emphasis on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that was evident in previous versions.

The book remains important and worthwhile because it offers one of only a few interdisciplinary analyses of the relationship between religion and violence. He brings psychological perspectives to bear in helping us understand how marginalized people, adopting religious images of divine conquest, engage in acts of public violence out of a sense of spiritual mission. This will be a helpful volume both for classroom use and public discussion.

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Chapter 3. Payments The Global Findex survey asked people what kinds of payments they make and receive and how they carry out these transactions—whether using an account or in cash. Chapter 4. Use of accounts Once people have an account, the next step is to ensure that they can transact in safe and convenient ways. Chapter 5. Saving, credit, and financial resilience Global Findex data show how and why people save and borrow and shed light on their financial resilience to unexpected expenses.

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Access to mobile phones and the internet around the world Mobile phones and the internet have created new opportunities for providing digital financial services. Chapter 6. Opportunities for expanding financial inclusion through digital technology Global Findex data reveal opportunities to increase account ownership among the unbanked.

Glossary PDF. English Methodology PDF Indicator table PDF References PDF Data Download Data The Global Findex database provides more than indicators on topics such as account ownership, payments, saving, credit, and financial resilience.

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Global Findex data is reported for all indicators by country, region, and income group. Available indicators are reported for , , and Data Documentation Methodology. Overview Spanish. Overview French. Overview Arabic. Overview Chinese.

Chapter 1: Account ownership. Chapter 2: The unbanked. Chapter 3: Payments. Chapter 4: Use of accounts. Chapter 5: Saving, credit and financial resilience. Spotlight: Access to mobile phones and the internet around the world. Chapter 6: Opportunities for expanding financial inclusion through digital technology. Account Ownership, Video Overview.

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Arabic French Spanish. Congo, Rep. Download LDB. Related Press Release. View More World Economic Forum, "Could the digital revolution get more women into work? Policy Notes.

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Press Coverage. Press Coverage 1.

Financial inclusion in Africa : An Overview English. Financial Inclusion and the Role of the Post Office. The Opportunities of Digitizing Payments. Press Release. View more November Global Envision February Center for Financial Inclusion August Microcredit Trust February Huffington Post December Huffington Post June