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No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. December 21, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. It all starts with a secret recording of a meeting aboard a yacht at anchor. The meeting is attended by powerful men who are conspiring.

When they are suddenly killed by a bomber planted on the yacht by a local fisherman, all hell brakes loose. Meanwhile, a 2 woman team dispatched from op center to Spain arrives at their destination.


The senior member of the team is killed on the steps leading to the place of the meeting. This is an excellent read, worthy of the Tom Clancy brand. July 28, - Published on Amazon. Not their best work. A little slow but I do really like OpCenter.

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July 19, - Published on Amazon. It was interesting from the standpoint that it is occurring in Spain, where I personally spend three years during the Franco era. The regional and historical tidbits were fun, however, unlike other Clancy writings, this one was not riveting. Where as the first 11 that I have read, once started I never wanted to stop reading until I got to the climax, It was easy to lay this one aside. September 29, - Published on Amazon.

Very entertaining. May 2, - Published on Amazon.

Balance of Power

As advertised and Book was in great shape. But that's about as likely as a gun shooting flowers. A bunch of rogue U.

Armed with stolen U. Demanding one hundred million dollars in ransom, the assassins take over the U.

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Hood is back in the saddle in a flash, with the full force of Op-Center at his command It's a mission that only Striker - the military arm of Op-Center - can handle: capture an Islamic cleric who is stirring up a rebellion against the Indian government. But when the border between India and Pakistan erupts, the Striker team gets caught in the crossfire.

Now America's most proficient covert team is trapped in a full-fledged war. Their fate rests in the hands of a devious NSA double agent whose own agenda is unknown - a man who could just as easily sell them out as set them free. This book is an implicit profile of America's defense, intelligence, and crisis management technology The explosion of a Chinese freighter - carrying illegal workers - in Charleston Harbor is the first sign that someone is capping Chinese interests abroad.

After explosions in South Africa and Taipei, Op-Center roots out the cause: warring factions in the Chinese government. But still reeling from budget cuts and an almost devastating attack by an electromagnetic pulse explosion, Op-Center itself sustains a third hit: the removal of Commander Paul Hood, replaced by a three-star general from the Army.

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Op-Center is now under the control of the Pentagon. America's most proficient covert operations team, hand-picked for its intelligence, analysis, and crisis-management skills, has had many a tough situation thrown at it. Years ago, before North Korea made its belligerent intentions known to the world, Op-Center's first mission was to thwart a crisis on the Korean peninsula. Since then, it has dealt with the machinations of Russian hard-liners, prevented the resurgence of age-old hatred in Germany, gone underground to prevent Kurdish terrorists from destabilizing the Middle East, subjugated the tensions of rebellious Basques In the latest riveting adventure in the bestselling Op-Center series, this crack team of operatives uses their defense, intelligence, and crisis management technology to bring down the opposition.

Tom Clancy's Op-Center. Balance of power (Book, ) [acazgikakuns.ml]

When a job is too dirty or too dangerous, Op-Center is the only place the government can turn. Follow the circuitous path as the agents negotiate the most devious threats to the peace and prosperity of America - including those within.

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As with all Clancy's work, this series reminds us that true heroes are hard to come by, that even the best of us have compromising motives The Op-Center team heads for Spain, where ethnic conflicts threaten to break out into a conflagration. As the novel's intelligence chief Bob Herbert puts it, this clash "will make the Spanish Civil War look like a brawl. The intelligence team's efforts to defuse the crisis are foiled when an Op-Center representative is assassinated in Madrid on her way to a high-level diplomatic meeting. Someone very powerful wants another Spanish War - no matter what the cost.

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Now the crew must delicately navigate the treacherous shoals of a planned insurrection by a popular Spanish general and his troops. As usual, Clancy delivers a memorable cast of characters, and he welcomes us into the byways of little-traveled territory in this action-packed intrigue. Just not good, these writers should spend more time developing their own style and not try to duplicate Clancy. I would bet their own style and creativity would shine through. I love the entire series so far.