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As established as part of the brand name and recognition value, some pictograms adorn the pages for added clarity, to pick out the subjectively relevant aspects more easily. It highlights mainly fundamental or potentially misunderstood explanations, quotes, and guidance for better understanding.

To be able to internalize the quintessence in the form of distilled teachings more easily, for example, with repeated reading. The introduction explains the fundamental difference to other religions, the central meaning of reflection, mindfulness and goodness, the interaction of action and thinking, the discovery of one's states of consciousness and the acceptance of one's inadequacy and ignorance.

This as a fundamental requirement for future, positive changes and the liberation from avoidable suffering. In the historical part of the book, an immense collection of narratives and traditions is dedicated to the life of the eponymous founding father before it goes to the description of the emergence of the different schools and their emphasis. Due to the underlying tolerant paradigm, various forms of interpretation of the doctrine could establish themselves, which by their diversity should correspond in some way to the needs and ideas of almost every seeker of meaning.

If he is willing to spend the time and effort required to find the right school. Besides, in the course of its expansion beyond India, the particular mentality and cultural uniqueness of the populations of other states has been used as an additional boost for the promotion of diversity. Instead of putting variety in a tight corset of ready-made rules, as in other religions.

This openness and ongoing development to this day are one of the significant differences between separate strictly hierarchical and dogmatic beliefs. These differ slightly in their interpretation from each other, but would never dare to deviate from the fundamental maxims. Even though a bit of effort may be made in the face of a flood of technical terms in this chapter, the ideas behind the almost ineffable names justify a closer look.

Buddhism for Dummies, 2nd Edition

Practice, traditional training of a Buddhist and meditation are explained in short sections. In the case of specific interest in this regard, however, it would be advisable to read a book focused on the individual field. The sheer abundance of manuals and practices that are still growing will hardly ever be mastered by a library, let alone a bookshelf.

The meditation increases with the practitioner, as opposed to reciting commandments and biblical texts. It can, therefore, be slightly modified, varied and developed according to its individual preferences after obtaining the necessary knowledge. Thus, each person tends to have the potential to build their capacity to design unique meditation practices.

Buddhism for Beginners

The Buddhist Pathway chapter focuses more on the theoretical aspects of enlightenment, dealing with transience and death, unfolding one's potential, karma, and the life stories of Buddhist masters. However, it also offers eye-opening insights and touches, as exemplified by the example of death meditation, profoundly. To accept these sometimes unpleasant truths and to venture the attempt of the integration into the own life, represents another milestone of the path there. Very good and suitable for the case of reluctance and emergence of distaste for reading as a preventive measure for a reading crash is the last chapter.

Timeline of Buddhist History

In this short and concise, by the mention of prejudices and utilizing simple ways for implementation in everyday life, interest is stirred up. For advanced to professionals, there is little new knowledge because of the full range of topics focused on understanding and thus not so many subject-specific explanations. Which is why the reading would instead be recommended to interested non-specialists. However, they find a work that is rarely written in this clarity and user-friendliness that may be considered as one of the best possible starting points for a potential budding Buddhist career.

Diese mitunter unangenehmen Wahrheiten zu akzeptieren und den Versuch der Einbindung in das eigene Leben zu wagen, stellt einen weiteren Meilenstein des Pfades da. Nov 30, Maher rated it it was ok.

Kiinnostaisiko myös...

Good book for a start, but as a person who doesn't live in North America I don't think it's meant for everyone because it uses a large space to list the history and locations of Buddhist monasteries and practices in North America. Also it tries to present Buddhism from a very Western and politically correct point of view not giving people a real taste of Asian Buddhism.

A good and complete guide to understand the basics of Budhism. Easy to read and with lots of information for beginners. Jun 09, Alan added it Shelves: epub. Your hands-on guide to this widely practiced and ancient religion Buddhism, one of the world's most widely practiced religions, is a fascinating yet complex eastern religion that is rapidly spreading throughout western civilization. You'll gain an understanding of the origins of this ancient pract Your hands-on guide to this widely practiced and ancient religion Buddhism, one of the world's most widely practiced religions, is a fascinating yet complex eastern religion that is rapidly spreading throughout western civilization.

New and expanded The EPUB format of this title may not be compatible for use on all handheld devices. Nov 22, Kristine rated it did not like it Shelves: mine. If you are looking for any real insight into Buddhism, this book is not the one you want to read. Although this book is from the "Dummies" series, I expect the topic to be delivered in a way that doesn't assume the reader is half engaged or brain dead.

Buddhism for Dummies

The authors' simplification of Buddhism and the Buddha's teachings is counterproductive at best. Much is lost in translation of the original texts, but the authors' gross simplification of the Buddha's words are a disservice and insult to Buddhism. The constant parenthetical references to other sections of the book are distracting and bisect the text in a way that is of no help whatsoever.

Jul 20, Georgia Kapitsaki rated it really liked it. Excellent introduction to Buddhism. I really enjoyed this book and learned a lot of things too. How is a Dalai Lama chosen, which are the main principles of Buddhishm, the meaning of many of Buddha's teachings. I liked that the book focuses on the fact that you can take away the messages you want from Buddhism. I did not give the book five stars, as I might have expected it to go deeper on the history of Buddhism for instance. Dec 20, Guy Newland rated it really liked it.

Much better than one might think from the title.

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The book takes a decidedly insider emic approach to the topic. Since I met Jonathan Landaw, I took a close look at it and started using it as a textbook. Students find it easy to read, yet it also contains lots of important information. The topics are not always presented in the order i would have chosen, but then that is true for every textbook. May 28, Raven Hair rated it it was amazing. All of the answers to your questions are within. You just have to shut up and listen. Unfortunately, not everyone loves to relish in solitude like I do.

Meditation is a daily practice for me. This book was a quick, interesting and entertaining read. Very Informative book. Being a Buddhist myself, I still learned a lot about different variations of Global Buddhism. Jun 03, Mike rated it it was amazing. Fantastic overview of Buddhism across its many traditions. Do I feel I know everything?

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I do feel I know a lot more. That is what this book wants to do. Good read and bite sized sections too. Jul 24, Chris rated it really liked it.

Buddhism Religion: Basic Beliefs and Practices | Infoplease

The thorough introduction to modern Buddhism that I was looking for! Nov 30, Rachel rated it liked it. A little wordy, and some parts may be over the head of Buddhism newbies. All and all, an okay intro to the culture and religion, but not too in depth about the scriptures or main paths.

Thank you. Jul 27, Pam rated it really liked it. This was a thorough introduction to Buddhism. It was clear and concise and detailed. Oct 30, Ben Kream rated it really liked it. This book fulfills its stated purpose as a straightforward text on Buddhism.