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Let and be an action spaces for.

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A linear differential game is expressed as. The original work of Isaacs [ ] contains many interesting examples of pursuit-evasion differential games. One of the most famous is described next.

Differential game

Both exist in the same world,. The speeds of the car and robot are and , respectively. It is assumed that , which means that the pursuer moves faster than the evader. The transition equation is given by extending The task is to determine whether the pursuer can come within some prescribed distance of the evader:. Another interesting pursuit-evasion game arises in the case of one car attempting to intercept another [ ].

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Each has a transition equation given by The state transition equation for the game is. Next: Further Reading Up: Bakolas E, Tsiotras P On the relay pursuit of a maneuvering target by a group of pursuers. Birkhauser, Boston, pp — Google Scholar. Botkin ND, Ryazantseva EA Algorithm of constructing the solvability set for linear differential games of high dimension.

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