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A specialist in outstanding mid-century furnishings and French and Italian design, Gordon Watson has been in the trade for 30 years and sources pieces for an A-list clientele. Among the many dealers on the Pimlico Road, Christopher Butterworth stands out. Another favourite there is Quindry, whose owner Gwen specialises in 20th-century objects and furniture.

Nicky also loves Dorian Caffot de Fawes, whose shop at Lillie Road opened this year and who is already making a move to larger premises. John has had a long career in antiques and often exhibits at Battersea decorative fair. This collective of vintage boutiques and designers is a sumptuous hunting ground for those who enjoy nostalgia. It is located on West Street in Dorking, which is famous for its antiques shops. Mid-century fans need look no further. I have never yet walked out of this place without having bought something. He knows his onions — and prices ensure a regular turnover.

Highly-respected dealer Max Rollitt who has also begun to dip his toes into design is well known for combining quality pieces with extraordinary textiles, unusual ceramics, pictures and lighting. Both Mark and Sophie nominated Lorfords, which occupies two cavernous aircraft hangars at Babdown Airfield. The interior of a stunning old Georgian town house is a hub for decorative European antiques and elegant vintage pieces.

The Piano's Various Forms

Tucked away in the antiquing hub of Tetbury is this arcade of dealers. You can easily spend a morning browsing its eclectic mix, including furniture, paintings, prints, china, kitchenalia, clothing and antiquarian books. One of the first antiques centres in the UK, Hungerford Arcade proves experience pays, and is home to over dealers. Organised into room sets, What Katy Did is more vintage experience than shop.

How to Build a Vintage Style Wardrobe (no.1)

Everything from spongeware pepper pots to beautifully-patinated Welsh stick chairs to cricket tables and oak chests are on offer. Mid20C does exactly what it says on the tin. In a picture book thatched cottage in County Fermanagh, Rosemary Cathcart curates and sells a stunning collection of antique and vintage lace, wedding headpieces, fans, dresses, embroidery and cards.

Other than his specialism in wooden antiques, David also holds a stock of fine porcelain, silver, jewellery and the occasional piece of Clarice Cliff, which all makes for some pleasurable browsing. July 2nd, at pm. Nicky has been an interior designer since the s and is renowned for his romatic style. He is set to open a new selling space in London this year. Sophie Conran is a designer and cookery writer, daughter of Sir Terence Conran. She launched her online shop, stocking crockery, glassware, textiles and gardening products, in She regularly hunts for antiques for both her home and for design inspiration.

Parisian porcelain produced in Paris between and are not marked on the bottom. If you want to identify your dishware and there are no marks it may be a bit harder but not impossible. Do some Google image searching first. Describe your piece in the simplest manner possible. Describe what it is say a plate , the size platter, dinner, dessert , rim decoration scalloped, gold, blue , and the pattern.

Patterns can be described in as few words as possible. If it's floral pattern, mention the type of flower. Are the flowers tiny or large? Mention the color of the flower. Other images may include landscapes, animals mention the kind of animal , a portrait, windmills, sailboats, or anything else. If you don't find what you have, keep altering your description to make it as concise as you can.

Once you identify your dishware, you can find replacement values online at Kovels, Replacements, or Worthpoint. The replacement value does not mean that you will get that stated amount if you try to sell it. My mother has a collection of at least 30 pieces of China brass. She would like to sell this collection and I have not found much info except what some pieces sell for on eBay which is surprisingly high amounts. Would this collection be better sold as a whole? How would I find the value? Old Chinese brass objects hold most value if they are old. There are tons of overvalued pieces of Chinese brass offered on ebay and other online sites.

Many sellers refer to their wares as "rare" when they are not. Also there are many reproductions of antique brass that can be very pretty. An artificial patina can be added to new brass by using common household chemicals. According to some experts, most of the antique Chinese brass offered online is fake.

Upright Cabinet Styles in American Piano Manufacturing, – - PianoBuyer

Older brass may show some wear in points of frequent contact, such as edges and handles. Look for a mark stamped on or near the bottom of the piece. Draw the mark or take a photograph. You can then research the marks on websites like Kovels, Marks4Silver, or Antiquemarks. You can also comparison shop on Artifact. If you know a reputable antique dealer, take the brass to them and see what they will offer or if they will do an evaluation.

If some appears to be very valuable you can find an appraiser. I am a big thrift shop fan and often see Chinese brass pieces. It was popular in the s. Everyone had trays, vases, and little figurines that they purchased on the cheap. My mother in law just passed away and she has a lot of old style oil and maybe kerosene lanterns That hang and also nailed to the wall and sit on a shelf. I do not know how to tell how old they are and if I should think about selling them or keeping them that is my question what do you think? The decision to sell or keep our family's old collections is purely personal.

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Sometimes just the association with a beloved family member is enough to create a sentimental value. Sometimes, the love of a particular collection or single item is a good reason to maintain ownership. The best reasons to sell or get rid of the old stuff is if you don't really care for it; if you are trying to downsize; or would prefer the money over the item. If you can't decide what to do with the lanterns why not just keep them around for a while until you can decide.

After research, you may want to keep one or two for sentimental value. Check to make sure that the mark is underneath the glaze.

Antiques and Collectibles—How to Value and Sell Your Old Things

In order to find the value of your items, you first need to identify what the item is. There are books that can help you with that. They can not be counted on for value as they are years out of date. Once you identify your pieces, then you can look for a current, online price guide for each individual item.

Value, of course, depends on condition as well as current interest. I have some old items that are worth something. So I would like them valued and sold do you know a good place to deal with? You may want to think twice about having your items valued by the person who will sell it unless you already have a good relationship with the seller. An unscrupulous dealer could easily mislead you as to the value of your goods.

A dealer can tell you that an item is worth little when it is actually worth a lot of money. Of course, most dealers are not crooks, but business is business.

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An appraiser can identify and value your old pieces. There will be a fee, so you want to be pretty sure that your things have some value. You can learn a lot about your goods yourself before you commit to an appraisal that will cost well over one hundred dollars. Then you can move on to a dealer.

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Of course, a dealer will need to cover his own costs and make a profit. So you can not expect to make the full value of an item if you sell it to a dealer. The same goes for consignment. You can find an appraiser by checking out the American Society of Appraisers or by contacting your insurance agent.

If you don't already have a relationship with an antique dealer, ask around. Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors if they know someone you can trust. A dealer might not buy everything you have even if it is valuable. They will buy what they think they can sell.