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One major issue for buyers will be cost.

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Both Samsung and Huawei have priced their foldable models far above any other smartphones. Both devices are designed to work as a smartphone when closed, but as a tablet when opened. Both models have a traditional smartphone face that operates independently of the tablet.

The Mate X display covers the whole outside, so both the front and back faces can be used for phone operations at the same time.

Infinix smart 2 HD - UNBOXING - Infinix smart phone - THE MOBILE WORLD

The Mate X also folds flatter than the Galaxy Fold. Both models will come in 5G versions. Several companies also introduced devices designed to work with 5G , the next generation of wireless technology.

OnePlus 5G prototype to debut at Mobile World Congress

In the United States, some companies plan to launch 5G in major cities by this year. While such devices have traditionally been popular with video gamers, the latest headset seems more designed to help people with their work.

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Since then, the company has been working to create improvements that users wanted to see. The result is a product that Microsoft claims provides a more immersive experience and fits better on the head.

‘No way U.S. can crush us’

The presentation also showed how users can feel as though they can actually touch and interact with the holograms. The technology can be used to guide workers through complex industrial or medical processes. Keen to create an immersive brand experience throughout MWC ? In addition to full-service brand experiences, we cater for smaller exhibits and simple designs too.

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We will work with you, your brief, and your budget to deliver an experience that meets your needs and those of your brand. From inspiration to design, installation, execution, and dismantle, our dedicated and expert team will guide you every step of the way.

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