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Could you grant their wishes, based on the evidence? Put yourself in the place of one of the twelve jurors as you listen to the details of each case. When the trial is over, you may turn to the general jury instructions in the back of the book; they present the law that applies to each case. Certain instructions of law are contained within the cases themselves.

What would your verdict be? After you have made up your mind, read through the questions and answers that follow each trial, and finally, read on to see what the real jury decided. The case is now in your hands. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Sphinx Publishing, Condition: New.

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Seller Inventory NEW Brand New!. Seller Inventory VIB Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Far from it, as this searing documentary displays, in one of the largest and most racially charged miscarriages of justice in American history. According to statistics, the most dangerous place a woman can be is in her own home, where four women are murdered every day at the hands of abusive partners. This unflinching look at domestic violence puts a face to the numbers and a story behind the figures, following one survivor in her pursuit of justice and the advocate who stands at her side.

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Ever present in the headlines, real estate mogul Robert Durst has been suspected of three separate murders — of his first wife, a longtime friend, and a neighbor. With a murder trial set to begin this fall, watch the HBO miniseries that has actually become part of the testimony against him. Available on HBO.

This documentary captures an all-too-familiar story of late — an unarmed black teen dying by gunfire at the hands of a white man. In , the death of Jordan Davis and the ensuing trial of his killer made headlines that have been echoed many times since.

Corrupt justice: what happens when judges' bias taints a case? | US news | The Guardian

The world-renowned athlete admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in cycling competitions after years of lying and denial, and this doc explores what led up to that momentous decision, as well as the shocking fallout. Available on Amazon Prime. But the true story behind the drama reveals a troubled woman, a discarded life, and a thankless struggle that ended in the shooting deaths of six men. Available on Starz.

Available on Amazon. The O. Margaret won a court order of protection barring Stuart from contact with her children for a year. But when Kent issued his final decree less than six weeks later, he awarded Stuart full custody, while Margaret was allowed only supervised visits. And he ordered Margaret to pay back half the cost of her nursing degree and to sell her diamond engagement ring and split the proceeds with Stuart. The judge also reversed the support arrangements.

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In , Stuart was appointed as the Suffolk County representative on a statewide commission for vetting local judicial candidates. Margaret had no way of knowing whether the connections she uncovered played any role in how Kent ruled in her case. But her concern deepened when she made an additional discovery about her house. Kent had ordered the Besen home, the most valuable marital asset, to be sold and the proceeds divided, putting Margaret in line to receive possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Margaret was evicted from the house in and lives in a modest apartment a few miles away.

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She has yet to receive a penny for her interest in the property. Patricia Kent claimed she had never represented any of the properties her husband had ordered sold in divorce or other cases. A reporter informed her of the agency listing with her information attached to the Besen property. She said her photo could have appeared because she was a broker with the same firm as the agent who did have the listing. Patricia said William Kent was unlikely to comment. But when Margaret Besen protested, she found no relief.

When she asked Kent to recuse himself, he refused. When she complained to the state watchdog responsible for investigating judicial wrongdoing, writing two letters, they blew her off. When a panel such as the CJC declines to get involved, the plaintiff has little recourse. Donna Schuler, also a divorcing mother in Suffolk County, asked that judge Kent recuse himself from her case in after claiming his unwarranted delays and stalling had drained her financially.

Schuler was also rebuffed when she asked the commission to step in and remove Judge Kent from her case.

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McNulty went so far as to hit up attorneys for checks in the courthouse, a blatant violation of ethical rules. Indeed, even the US supreme court has been tarnished on this issue. Fox Television Stations. And perhaps most famously, justice Antonin Scalia has participated in the Bush v. In another case, Scalia remained in the panel despite having gone on a duck hunting trip with former Vice-President Dick Cheney while he was being sued to reveal the details of secret meetings he held with oil company executives in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

After his vacation with Cheney was revealed, Scalia scoffed at the suggestion he was compromised and defended his decision to remain on the case. Recusal issues often spur judicial complaints. Many do continue to fight. Others simply vent. The online vitriol directed at unscrupulous judges, which began in the mid- s, has built to a howling digital crescendo.

GOLDEN STATE KILLER CASE SOLVED? - How did he get away for 40 years??

Websites including The Robe Probe, The Judiciary Report and The Robing Room, which rate judges the way Yelp rates restaurants, are rife with railing as embittered, mostly anonymous plaintiffs rip into judicial decisions they feel were biased or corrupt. Mounting criticism led to a remarkable development last year.